A guide that will suit your body shape

Are you looking for advice and guidance on what visually can highlight the positive aspects of your body shape? We have prepared a guide with styling tips on how to get the best out of your shape. Knowing your body shape is a great starting point for finding clothes that suit your body and make you feel comfortable. If you are left with the feeling of matching two different body shapes, try to mix the advices and turn it into something useful for your shape.
- We hope you’ll be inspired -

Apple shape

Body shape: You are generally well-proportioned, your shoulders are broader than your hips, you are not necessarily as curvy through your hips. The key is to get attention on your bosom, arms and legs. Look for breezy A-line silhouettes, flowy tunics and anything V-neck. A-line styles are great for curvy shapes. Strapless styles look great on you. Maxi dressess with a lower neckline and a wrap dress can be your secret weapon. 


Straight shape

Body shape: You’re not particularly curvy, your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same. Your waist is straight up and down. The key to is to balance your broad upper half by accentuating your legs and other curves. Look for dresses that highlight the waistline you have. A simple, tight fitting dress in light fabrics will dress you perfectly. If the dress also has a V-shaped neckline, a deep necked back or has a high slit, your body will appear less straight and more curved. Keep the volume on top or bottom. If you go for an oversized top shape, keep the bottom skinny or structured. Wearing a more formfitting top, pick a breezy or more oversized pant style.

Pear shape

Body shape: Your hips are wider than your shoulders, and you have a well-defined waistline The key is to play with proportions that elongate the body and highlight bosom and shoulders. The light and airy wrap-dresses focus on the waist and bosom and appear flattering on the hips and thighs. Dresses with strap tops are also really good as they emphasize the upper body. Maxi dresses can be a perfect alternative if you have wide calfs you would like to hide. 



Hourglass shape

Body shape: You have a curvy body, with a well-defined waist. Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even. You may have fuller bust, hips and thighs. The key is to define your waist and show your shape. Highlight your waist by choosing a dress with a narrow waistline and further emphasizing it with a tie-string or a belt. Most importantly, the dress follows your shape with a marked waist and sway in the skirt.